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Increasing Drone Attacks on Pakistan

The Drone attacks on Pakistan are increasing with rise of every new day. Actually this is the real attack on the sovereignty of a sovereign country. America is fighting his so called “War against terrorism” since 2002 in Afghanistan but couldn’t get anything from that except just killings of thousands of innocent civilians and destroying the buildings. Taliban are still at a very strong position in Afghanistan and holding more then 70% of Afghanistan. On the other hand the military loss of America in Afghanistan and Iraq is also too much. Afghan and Iraq war brings America at a weak position financially. Now this is the time when America wants to negotiate with Taliban why drone attacks are increased too much in Pakistan.

The numbers of Drone attacks are increasing day by day but Pakistani rulers are silent on everything. Many innocent people have been killed in US Drone strikes. But there is no value of the lives of innocent citizens. South Wazirstan, Wana, Kuram Agency, Bajur Agency and now North Wazirstan the area of drone attacks is becoming vast and number of attacks is increased. The gap between Drone attacks is becoming less and lesser some times US Drones strikes their “targets” more then two or even more then three or four times in a day. Hundreds of children and women have been killed.

The question rise here is that how a country can attack within the area of a sovereign country. Is Pakistani not a sovereign state? Or North Wazistan, Wana, Kuram Agency, Bajur Agency and some other areas of FATA are not a part of Pakistan? The Drone attacks started in 2004 when a US drone hit a Madrisa in Bajur Agency. Since 2004-2007 there were total 9 Drone attacks in which 107 people were killed and most of them were innocent citizens of Pakistan.

With the start of the regime of this so called “democracy” number of Drone attacks is too much increased. Just in 2008 in 34 attacks more then 296 people were killed, in 2009 the number of Drone attacks is 53 and 709 people were killed, and in 2010 in more then one hundred attacks approximately 800 people are killed yet and these attacks are still continue. Just in month of September the number of missile strikes in North Waziristan was 24.Many time military and government officials said that how Pakistani rulers can speak against Drone attacks. We have an agreement with Pakistani government for the Drone strikes.

With this table we can see the number of Drone strikes and total killings.


Drone Strikes

Total Killings

2004 1 5
2005 2 7
2006 2 23
2007 4 74
2008 34 296
2009 53 709
2010 103 800 Approx
Total 199 1934

There is no access of electronic and print media in those areas. “The democratic” parliament of Pakistan have passed many resolutions against Drone attacks. But there is no result rather Drone attacks is increasing with more speed. No political party condemns these Drone missile strikes now.

Is these Drone attacks will continue always? There is no one who can save our country from American and European hands? Is Quaid-e-Azam founded Pakistan for this that our rulers will hand over our precious and beautiful land to American hands? Is America will continue to kill our citizens?

These are those questions which are in the mind of every Pakistani today. But any one don’t know that who will give us the answers of these questions.

By : Sohail Zafar

Email: Sohailzafar88@gmail.com

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